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POS Payment Processing & Enterprise Solutions

We believe in your business and our mission is to ignite a partnership in long-term success. The grand vision is accelerating transitions into high volume sales and accelerated expansion.

Payment & Card Processing

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Every business owner appreciates honesty and everyone loves getting more for less. We provide our merchants both so you don’t have to choose between exceptional service and affordable pricing. Our upfront discount processing rates are low and simple, itemized on our easy to understand monthly billing statements.

POS Systems & Terminals

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Our Point of Sale (POS) systems and payment terminals are deployed at millions of businesses. Compatible hardware for Tap and Pay (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, NFC, or contactless), chip card (EMV), credit, debit, and EBT (SNAP) payment options are ready for installation. Support is available and provided for equipment certified to be compatible with our software.

SaaS & Applications

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Our applications are developed and constantly updated according to new regulations by processing networks and government mandates. You have instant access to transaction details and updates can be pushed from the cloud 24/7 to any store. Ventures can easily scale and grow net volume using “software as a service” versus the traditional “license purchasing” method.

Secure & PCI-DSS Compliant

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Our cloud management services are running on data-center servers located at secure facilities within the United States. All data is securely stored and transmitted using 256-bit encryption to ensure that personal information and transactions are safely delivered. We can certify companies in compliance according to strict PCI-DSS requirements.

Marketing & Branding

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Our experts can establish tactics to drive new customer sales and stay connected. Automated integration options and targeted campaigns bring invaluable data and analytics reports can measure progress. We have tools for modern design and robust content services available to our clients for them to achieve their objectives.

Data Analytics & Insights

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Utilize collected information as a utility to push initiatives and discover meaningful trends. Organize and make sense of your insights to power your marketing agendas. Dynamic analytics will give you guidance and directional input to better your net profit. Use this knowledge to develop actionable above-market decisions.

Multi-Channel Strategies

Online Presence

In this digital era, it’s critical to be visible when people search for organizations on the internet. Connecting to customers and keeping them engaged through updates is a necessity. Use a website to generate repeat revenue streams and chain on a global scale.

Mobile & IoT

Being up-to-date with modern devices and current equipment can give you a competitive dominance in the market. Integrating the latest advancements in the industry will highlight a firm’s effort to constantly adapt to cutting edge innovations.

Retail Storefront

Understanding human-to-human interaction and its essential role in society are some key aspects of increasing the bottom line. From screen pixel to physical print, expertise in creating meaningful experiences have buyers coming again and again.

Social Networks

Creative media and captivating content entice consumers to immerse themselves in a label. Our design team can construct brand imaging in a unique and artful fashion.

We Have Solutions For Every Business Type

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Bar &


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Cafe &

Food Court

Wine &

& Apparel

Beauty &

Deli &


Grocery &

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Nail Care
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Skin Derma
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Waxing &

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Gym &

Mobile &


Gift Cards
 & Loyalty

Let us streamline profit management so you and your employees focus on bridging relationships with new and returning clients.

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We can build a custom strategy adjusted to specific requirements. Send us an email with your thoughts and long-term ambitions.

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