Retail & Beauty Supply POS

Easy Inventory, Payments, Sales & employee management for all types of business!

Industries: Beauty Supply, Liquor. Apparel, Convenience, Mart, Deli, Cosmetics, etc.
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#1 Retail POS System!

Powerful POS solutions +
Low card payment processing rate!

Inventory Management

  • Real-time inventory tracking, transfer and reporting
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Barcode Scanning

Easy Sales Processing

Process sales quickly and accept various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and gift cards.

Sales & CRM

  • Android Mobile Phone App. provided for real-time sales check
  • Over 20 reports provided
  • Check sales anywhere with Cloud
  • Loyalty program: Flex gift card provided

Integration with Payment Processing

Integrated with credit card payment for low processing fees and fast payment processing

  • Low Processing Fees

bluu™Retail Pro is a comprehensive Windows based POS solution that is specifically developed for high volume apparel, supermarket, convenience, beauty supply, liquor, and other retail store types. Cosmetics, liquor stores, clothing, supermarkets, convenience stores, beauty supplies, etc. all retail industries

Ace Bank Card Service
provides a POS system optimized for the beauty business.

Improved customer satisfaction with fast and accurate payment processing
Simple operation
and efficient
Item management
Accurate inventory and sales history
For each item
Customer management and
Gift & point card programs
Cloud-connected network
Employee management and reporting with
Fingerprint authentication

Inventory Management

  • Provides inventory barcode for about 150,000 items Inventory Input method: Styling Code General
  • Real-time inventory management and transfer possible with PDF Gun
  • Multi store Network (Cloud System)

Purchase Management

  • PO Tracking
  • Optimal inventory management and Reorder possible

Multi Store Management

  • Item Price Control and separate Item Price Control by store possible
  • Differentiation of authority settings between head office and store
  • Store Credit Receipt issuance and management possible
  • Fingerprint recognition system and employee attendance report possible
  • Over 20 reports provided

*Loyalty program: Flex gift card provided

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All in one Mini POS

Sales + payment + print receipt in one!

Small but powerful!
Space saving, convenient, fast payment, low rate!

  • Mobile functionality

    • Accept payments anywhere in your store

  • Increase revenue from quicker transactions

    • Maximize table turnovers and check out procedures

  • WIreless terminal

    • Available even when the internet is disconnected (hot spot)

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